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1. Science Minister Clemens Hoch presents Rhineland-Palatinate with €1.56M in funding for ageing research  
The Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB), Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU) and its University Medical Center (UMC) receive funding for the "Science of Healthy Ageing Research Programme” (SHARP).  
2. Philipp Wild  
Clinical Epidemiology and Systems Medicine in Ageing Preventive Cardiology and Preventive Medicine Our team is dedicated to studying common, complex ageing-related diseases that impose a high…  
3. Öffentlicher Vortrag "Das Geheimnis des menschlichen Alterns" von Prof. Björn Schumacher  
Verpassen Sie nicht den Einblick in die Geheimnisse des Alterns am 22 September!  
4. Advisory Board on Healthy Ageing  
The Advisory Board on Healthy Ageing advises the scientists at the CHA on questions concerning the relevance of research for an ageing population and patients in old age. In particular, it gives…  
5. Wolfram Ruf  
Thrombo-Inflammation in Ageing Atherothrombosis and its complications, heart attacks and strokes are major contributors to morbidity and mortality in ageing populations. In addition, thrombosis is…  
6. Register now for the 2022 IMB/SFB 1361 Conference  
Registration is now OPEN for the 2022 IMB/SFB 1361 Conference from 20-23 September  
7. Register now for the 2022 IMB Conference  
Registration is now OPEN for the 2022 IMB Conference from 28 June - 1 July  
8. Philip Wenzel  
Vascular Inflammation Vascular inflammation leads to endothelial dysfunction and is an important contributing factor in the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases such as arterial…  
9. Seminars  
Below you can find information on upcoming seminars associated with the CHA.  
10. Save the date for the Gutenberg Workshop in the Life Sciences!  
Don't miss this 2-day workshop from 7-9 September 2022 on "Stem Cell Systems in Development, Disease and Regeneration"  
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