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Centre for Healthy Ageing Programme for Clinician Scientists (CHANCE)

CHANCE provides Clinician Scientists at the University Medical Center Mainz with research opportunities in the Centre for Healthy Ageing (CHA) partner institutions.

CHANCE-funded projects can be found here.

Clinician Scientists are practising medical doctors who balance the treatment of patients with the pursuit of innovative research. The “Centre for Healthy Ageing Programme for Clinician Scientists” (CHANCE) enables them to perform innovative molecular and translational ageing research in an outstanding research environment.

The goal of CHANCE is to strengthen translational ageing research in Mainz by fostering collaborations between the research centers in the University Medical Center, Johannes Gutenberg-University and the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB). The Clinician Scientists and Advanced Clinician Scientists will establish an independent research programme in ageing research with a strong translational focus. Clinician Scientists within CHANCE work on key topics of ageing research and address complex systemic interactions during ageing and in the context of age-related diseases.

CHANCE complements the CHA’s Science of Healthy Ageing Research Programme (SHARP) and will further stimulate interactions between clinician and basic researchers within the CHA.

CHANCE is funded by Rhineland-Palatinate’s Ministry of Science and Health with €1.2m from 2023 - 2026 and is administrated by the Mainz Research School of Translational Biomedicine (TransMed).

Information on the CHANCE-funded Clinician Scientists and their research projects will be added soon.