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What the CHA offers you

PhD students in the CHA are part of the International PhD Programme (IPP), which includes over 200 students at other institutes in Mainz, including Johannes Gutenberg University (JGU), the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) and University Medical Center Mainz (UMC).

Read on to find out more about what the IPP offers you!


The IPP community

You will be part of a big community of more than 200 PhD students from 39 different countries, who regularly meet during networking events like the IPP retreat or the IPP symposium to discuss research and your experiences as PhD students.



You will be directly supervised by your chosen group leader or a senior lab member. Additionally, you agree with your group leader on a Thesis Advisory Committee of leading scientists to support and advise you and your research project regularly during your entire PhD.


All PhD projects in the IPP are fully funded.

The IPP coordinators

You are supported by the IPP coordinators, who can assist with problems during enrolment or when preparing for your thesis defense. Furthermore, they keep track of your TAC meetings and credit points and always have an open ear for issues you encounter with regards to supervision, career planning or training you would like to receive.

The IPP Representatives

Every year the IPP student community elects a group of IPP representatives during one of the bi-annual IPP student general assemblies. The IPP representatives are in close contact with the IPP coordinators and can communicate issues and possible improvements to the IPP. As an IPP representative, you also have the chance to organise seminars, career events, the annual IPP PhD student retreat and other social events.

Access to IMB's Core Facilities

The Core Facilites provide you with all the expertise and specialised equipment you need in order to drive your research project forward.

You can read more about the IPP on the Institute of Molecular Biology IPP webpage.