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Gutenberg Healthy Ageing Study (GHA)

The Gutenberg Healthy Ageing Study (GHA)

Some people remain healthy well into old age and are still able to manage their everyday lives without limitations. And yet, sooner or later most of us will suffer from chronic illnesses and a reduced quality of life. Why is that and what can we learn from the elderly who remain fit and healthy?

The goal of the Gutenberg Healthy Ageing Study (GHA) is to examine 250 exceptionally fit older people from Mainz and the surrounding area in depth. We want to determine which factors keep them in shape even in old age.

After an initial online survey, all participants will be invited to our research centre at the Mainz University Medical Centre. There, aspects like cardiovascular function and cognitive performance will be measured, blood samples will be taken and their genomes will be analysed. They will also be asked about their lifestyle, e.g. environmental influences, exercise and diet.

The data collected in this process will then be compared to data from participants of the same age in other studies, such as the Gutenberg Health Study. This will allow us to learn which factors contribute to a long and physically, mentally and psychologically healthy life.

The GHA will help researchers better detect and treat diseases in the early stages. The study will also show them which measures can help improve the health of the population in old age – so that more people can feel healthy and actively participate in life for as long as possible.


Get involved!

You can participate if you...

  • are between 71 and 85 years old
  • live in the city of Mainz, the region of Mainz-Bingen, the region of Alzey-Worms, the city or region of Bad Kreuznach, the region of Donnersberg, or the city of Worms
  • do not have an acute, hereditary or chronic illness that requires medical treatment or is not considered fully cured by a doctor
  • are not taking any medication
  • have a general physician and have regular medical check-ups
  • are a non-smoker (or former smoker)
  • are at maximum slightly overweight
  • do not consume alcohol over the recommended maximum amount
  • are not actively participating in other health studies


Do you meet all these requirements? Then you are very welcome to sign up for participation. Further information and the registration link can be found here: Gutenberg Healthy Ageing | gha » Startseite (



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