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Below you can find information on upcoming events associated with the CHA.

Date Venue Website
16-18.09.2024 Gutenberg Workshop RNase H 2024: Structure, Functions and DisordersIngelheim am Rhein, Germany More Infos
27.–28.06.2024 Annual Meeting of the German Association for Aging ResearchInstitute of Molecular Biology More Infos
15.03.2024 Workshop Cohort Data Mining - Human GeneticsBioZentrum I More Infos
11–12.10.2023 Gutenberg Workshop on "Longitudinal Cohorts in Healthy Ageing and Disease Prevention"Institute of Molecular Biology More Infos
13–15.09.2023 6th German-French DNA Repair Meeting Mainz 2023University Medical Center Mainz More Infos
10.08.2023 Science Sofa der Mainzer Wissenschaftsallianz (Public Event)Markt (vor dem Dom), Bühne von "Mainz lebt auf seinen Plätzen" More Infos
19.07.2023 ReALity Workshop on Regeneration More Infos
27.06.2023 Verjüngung ist möglich. Die neuesten Erkenntnisse der ZellbiologieInstitute of Molecular Biology More Infos
04–07.06.2023 EMBO | EMBL Symposium on "The Ageing Genome: from Mechanisms to Disease"EMBL Heidelberg and Virtual More Infos
17.05.2023 DKFZ-IMB Ageing & Cancer WorkshopInstitute of Molecular Biology More Infos
03–05.05.2023 Gutenberg Workshop on "Multivalent Interactions in Ageing – Targets for Intervention?"Ingelheim am Rhein More Infos
23.02.2023 1st Proteostasis Network Mainz Workshop on "Proteostasis Research in Health, Ageing & Disease"JGU Campus More Infos
15.02.2023 IPP Track Syposium on "Ageing & Disease"Institute of Molecular Biology More Infos
20–23.09.2022 IMB/SFB 1361 Conference - Restore, Reorganise, Repurpose: The many faces of DNA repairInstitute of Molecular Biology More Infos
07–09.09.2022 Gutenberg Workshop on "Stem Cell Systems in Development, Disease and Regeneration"Favourite Parkhotel, Mainz More Infos
10–11.08.2022 Gutenberg Workshop on "Coming of Age - Next Steps in Ageing Research"Ingelheim am Rhein More Infos
28.06–01.07.2022 2022 IMB Conference "Epigenetics of Ageing: Responses to Adversity across Scales"Institute of Molecular Biology More Infos
20–23.10.2021 Groningen-JENA Aging Meeting (G-JAM) 2021 Online More Infos
30.06–01.07.2021 2021 Workshop on Epigenetics of AgeingInstitute of Molecular Biology More Infos