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ReALity Workshop on Regeneration

19 July 2023

Functional tissue repair after acute or chronic injury is crucial for organ function and cardiovascular and mental health. Tissue resident immune cells are essentially present in every organ of the body and perform not only critical functions in immunity but essentially contribute to tissue homeostasis and regeneration.

The ReALity Workshop on Regeneration will focus on:

(i) Proteostasis- and senescence-associated changes in immune cells during ageing

(ii) Age-associated changes in gene expression and epigenetic identity of tissue resident immune and vascular cells

(iii) Tissue- and context-specific repair mechanisms and their decline in ageing

(iv) Metabolic communication of immune and non-hematopoietic cells in age-associated tissue repair and organ decline

(v) Molecular mechanisms of systems interactions in regeneration (e.g. regeneration in the central nervous system)

As with all ReALity workshops, the aim of the meeting will be to foster interdisciplinary research to obtain new insights and uncover potential new pathways for cellular therapies for degenerative and age-associated diseases.

The schedule will follow closer to the meeting date.


  • Philip Wenzel, University Medical Center Mainz
  • Hansjörg Schild, University Medical Center Mainz