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Hier finden Sie Informationen über anstehende Seminare, die mit dem CHA in Verbindung stehen.

Datum Sprecher:in Institution Titel More Infos
25.04.2024 Tassula Proikas-CezanneIFIZ, Eberhard Karls University TübingenA role for WIPI beta propellers in autophagy and neurodegenerationClick here
11.04.2024 Audrey ProencaFreie Universität BerlinThe dark side of aging in bacteria and its evolutionary consequences Coming soon
15.03.2024 Juha KarjalainenInstitute for Molecular Medicine Finland and Broad Institute of MIT and HarvardFINNGEN: Global genetics research from zooming in on a population isolateClick here
22.02.2024 Heiko RunzHeidelberg/Mannheim Health + Life Science Alliance, EMBL HeidelbergGenomic Medicine: How population-scale research incites precision medicine discovery for rare and common disease Click here
09.01.2024 Alexei MaklakovUniversity of East Anglia, Norwich, UKTesting the evolutionary theory of ageing: from genes to populations Coming soon
14.12.2023 Prof. Christoph WeberActive Condensates: From liquid shells to surfing drops on membranes Coming soon
23.03.2023 Prof. Wolf ReikAltos Labs - Cambridge Institute of ScienceSingle-cell multi-omics landscape of development and ageing Click here
26.01.2023 Dr Stephanie PanierMax Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing, CologneThe good, the bad and the ugly: SLX4IP-dependent regulation of the Alternative Lengthening of Telomeres Pathway Click here
06.12.2022 Dr Siyao WangCECAD CologneDeciphering the epigenetic code of genome stability, from soma to germline Click here
01.12.2022 Prof. Anne BrunetStanford University, USAUnderstanding and modeling aging Click here
17.11.2022 Prof. Joachim LingnerEPFL, SwitzerlandChallenges of telomere maintenance and TERRA long noncoding RNA Click here
08.11.2022 Prof. Michael Meyer-HermannHelmholtz Centre for Infection Research, BraunschweigDigital immunology in the context of physiology and aging Click here
22.09.2022 Prof. Björn SchumacherCECAD CologneThe mystery of human ageing: New insights from the biology of ageing Click here
31.03.2022 Prof. Ian HicksonDepartment of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Copenhagen, DenmarkMechanisms to copy difficult-to-replicate regions of the human genome Click here
27.01.2022 Prof. Johan AuwerxEPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)Cross-species genetics to map new players in mitochondria and aging Click here
09.09.2021 Dr Kyle MillerThe University of Texas at Austin, USProtecting Genome Integrity: Chromatin, Cancer and the DNA Damage Response Click here
22.04.2021 Dr Agnel SfeirSloan Kettering Institute / MSKCC, New York CityDNA repair: A tale of two genomes Click here
15.04.2021 Prof. Nick GilbertUniversity of EdinburghRegulation of large scale chromatin architecture in human cells Click here